Ethanol Free Station List

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LA Ethanol Free Gas Locations

Your ONLY comprehensive source of Ethanol FREE gas stations in Louisiana,

representing all 64 Parishes of the State.

Total Stations In Our Database: as of 2/01/2012

(This gas station list is based on Gas Distributor information, direct call to stations and ABSENCE of pump decal that reads “May contain up to 10% Ethanol” as reported by consumers fueling up at indicated station)

CAUTION: Gas stations that currently sell ethanol free gas may change and sell ethanol gas in the future.  Louisiana State Law requires that the “May Contain up to 10% Ethanol” decal be displayed on the pump if it sells ethanol gasoline.  ALWAYS check for decal before fueling.

NOTE: This ethanol free gas station list is copyrighted (@2011) and is the exclusive property of Alton “Pete” Landry.  Fishermen and boaters may view the list for their personal use ONLY.  All others must obtain written approval from Alton “Pete” Landry at

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